Where’d the good mustard go?

Anyone that has ever eaten a hot dog properly knows that “spicy brown mustard” is the only way to go. I mean, really, you could put #Guldens on almost anything and it will taste yummy.

I go to sporting events and concerts at various venues around the USA and never seem to be able to lay my hands on “the good mustard” for a hot dog or sausage.  I don’t eat many of these, but when I do, I want it to taste GREAT!

Where has the Gulden’s sales effort gone? Has the industry succumbed to the back-room sheltered income deals offered by the larger conglomerates to use their mustard? I believe so. I believe corporate purchasing managers care not for what their customers want and chefs rarely gobble up a hot dog or smokey link to see how it tastes with the condiments chosen by procurement.

Wake up and speak up, people! You deserve to pay $12 for a hot dog and enjoy it!  I don’t get paid by any mustard manufacturers to say this but I grew up eating ketchup on burgers and GOOD mustard on hot dogs and I prefer, when I eat these things, to love them the way I did when I was a kid. Sort of a transcendent experience. You?

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# 79: Dessert

Possibly one of the best desserts EVER- the only problem being we could have eaten double the portion! Chef Jordi Cruz’s ABaC, an oasis in the heart of Barcelona finished off our lunch with  “a spoonful of instantly-curdled sheep’s milk with chocolate rocks, white truffle, cheese, honey and nuts”- AMAZING!