# 79: Dessert

Possibly one of the best desserts EVER- the only problem being we could have eaten double the portion! Chef Jordi Cruz’s ABaC, an oasis in the heart of Barcelona finished off our lunch with  “a spoonful of instantly-curdled sheep’s milk with chocolate rocks, white truffle, cheese, honey and nuts”- AMAZING!


Kin Khao receives coveted Michelin Star

It gets no better than this! My friends, Pim Techamunavivt and Michael Gaines and their associates at Kin Khao in San Francisco received news that they would be awarded a Michelin star for their work at Kin Khao, which has been a labor of many sorts for us over the past two years.

I am so proud of what they have done on arguably the worst corner in the City and their efforts at being true to authenticity, staying the course, unwavering dedication to the objective, and doing more than what was required to have a successful restaurant venture. We put our faith- and our money- on the right horse and we won! Yay!